There are  several options that will calculate dates for comparison:

Target Value

  • If you have a specific static target use this method

% Change

  • Use this when you want to setup a target that will dynamically change each reporting period. Setting this will enable the comparison period options.
  • e.g. You would like to track 5% MoM growth

Comparison periods

Previous period - Compares the current period to the previous matching period. For example, if the current period is February, the comparison is to the previous 28 days (The amount of Days in February) period prior February.

Previous year - Compares the current period to the same period last year. For example, if the current day is Tuesday and your week starting is set to Sunday to Monday, the comparison data is for the matching dates last year.

Not all Metrics can be forecasted because of the aggregation type (Average, Count, Count Distinct, Max, Min and Sum). We currently only supports Sum aggregations and therefore only those applicable metrics will appear in the dropdown.

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